You Are a Member When You Say You Are


A New Book in the Making

We’re compiling a new book! The 2018 World Service Conference approved a project plan for a book that explores a spiritual principle on each day of the year. According to a 2017 survey, members want…  •to hear the voices of fellow members,  •to learn how others apply principles in their daily lives, and  •to read about how living by spiritual principles shapes our experience.   Like  Just for Today, these daily meditations will start with a short excerpt from NA literature, a couple of paragraphs that expand on the quotation, and a sentence or two to reflect on. Beyond that, we need to generate material that reflects our shared experience. The more material we gather on each principle, the better the book will be. With that in mind, we’ve created some tools to support a Fellowship-wide writing effort.  Click here for more info!

OPEN Service Positions at Area

Area Chair, Vice Secretary, Alt. RCM, Public Relations Chair, Activities Chair, and Activity Committee Members. 

Anyone interested in giving back what was so freely and gratefully given to you, please attend area to learn more about service. Meanwhile, learn why and how we serve by clicking the link. 

2020 C.A.R.

A recent workshop was ran as well as recorded. This was held to go over and discuss the motions found in this years C.A.R. Please feel free to download and listen on your own accord. This includes some, not all motions .  

2020 C.A.R. Survey

A survey has been included in the past two conference agenda reports. Once again, there were literature suggestions submitted by fellow members for new, revised, IDTs, etc. Please fill this online survey out by  April 1st, 2020. Your impact is vital to directing the World Board in creating future literature, and service plans. 

WSC 2020 C.A.R. Informational Videos

Want to know more about the motions included in this years Conference Agenda Report? Click here to watch videos/PowerPoint presentations explaining the motions.

NAWS Events

  • NAWS Webinars - Participate & Learn 
  • East Coast Convention 24; The 24th East Coast Convention of NA will be held June 26-28 2020 at Washington College in Chestertown, MD. Interested?
  • 38th World Convention of NA, to be held in 2021 in Melbourne, Australia. 
  • Worldwide NA Events