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A New Book in the Making

We’re compiling a new book! The 2018 World Service Conference approved a project plan for a book that explores a spiritual principle on each day of the year. According to a 2017 survey, members want…  •to hear the voices of fellow members,  •to learn how others apply principles in their daily lives, and  •to read about how living by spiritual principles shapes our experience.   Like  Just for Today, these daily meditations will start with a short excerpt from NA literature, a couple of paragraphs that expand on the quotation, and a sentence or two to reflect on. Beyond that, we need to generate material that reflects our shared experience. The more material we gather on each principle, the better the book will be. With that in mind, we’ve created some tools to support a Fellowship-wide writing effort.  Click here for more info!

Issue Discussions

Issue Discussion Topics are subjects that recovering addicts in NA communities around the world focus on in discussions and workshops throughout each two-year conference cycle. These conversations encourage us to think more deeply about relevant topics and help build unity within our groups and service bodies. In addition, sending the results of your discussions to the World Board can help shape Fellowshipwide resources and services.


NEZF Project Plans & More

The Northeast Zonal Forum met face to face in Rochester, New York April of 2019 and there were some topics discussed and a strategic plan developed.  Some of the topics lined out in this plan were the fellowship's understanding of the Zone, a survey asking what services are needed within the boundaries of the NEZF, etc.  Minutes from committees and environmental scans can be found by clicking the link below.  Individual members, groups or a area as a whole may answer these surveys regarding Fellowship Development.  

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The next Zoom meeting of the Northeast Zonal Forum will take place on August 25th at 3:00pm.  Click the link below if your interested in watching business be conducted as a member of the LVANA and have a better understanding of business at the Zone.


Group/Reg Updates

Simple Group Updates/Deletions:    For single group updates and you are a trusted servant of that group please email ( our Fellowship Services team directly with this updated information. Please make sure that you include the meeting name, time, day or days that it meets, meeting location information with facility name, and the area or region that the group belongs to.

New Group?  Click here to fill out a form as a trusted servant. 

NAWS Events

  • PR Week is June 3rd-9th, 2019 Click to learn more
  • Sponsorship Day December 1st, 2019
  • 38th World Convention of NA, to be held in 2021 in Melbourne, Australia. 
  • Find more events here.